mastectomy scar cover up tattoo
Ink Ribbon Foundation | Professional Tattoo Artist
scar cover up tattoos | Ink Ribbon Foundation | Professional Tattoo Artist

The Mastectomy Scar Cover Up Tattoo!

Recipients will get a private design consultation with our local artist and the scar cover up tattoos of their choice. Whether you choose a beautiful scar cover up tattoo or traditional 3D nipple tattoo, we will ensure you are comfortable with the entire experience and proceed at your own pace. Every person responds and reacts to tattooing differently. Depending on the intricacy of the design, this may take multiple sessions to complete and will vary upon sensitivity of the area. Any and all touch ups will be provided as needed.

Professional Photo Shoot

After your tattoos heal, we will schedule a closed-set photo shoot for your tattoo reveal!

Get Styled...

Ink Ribbon Foundation | Professional Hair and Makeup Treatment

You will choose and bring your wardrobe and any accessories. On the day of your shoot, you will begin with a personal hair and makeup session with Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist, Jessica Reid Fox.

Closed Set...

Ink Ribbon Foundation | Photoshoot Closed Set

Your closed-set photo shoot will be provided by Casey Jade Photography. She will document your amazing new artwork with an amazing shooting experience. On the day of the shoot, you will also receive the social media ready files to share instantly with those who have supported and been a part of your journey.

The Reveal!!!

Ink Ribbon Foundation | Scar Cover Up Tattoo

The entire experience is our gift to Beautiful Warriors and only made possible by the generous donations of people who believe in Ink Ribbon Foundation and our mission to make their dreams come true!

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Hear from actual Ink Ribbon Foundation recipients on how the experience helped them heal!

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By giving a gift of any size, you are helping to provide hope filled survivors, with a life-changing service and a life fueling empowerment!

Watch Now!!!

Spring signifies new beginnings and that is exactly what your donations provide to our Beautiful Warriors!! Lucy has been waiting 10 years to for her new beginning! We are so happy for you and can’t wait for the big reveal soon!!

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